Nikolaj Vonsild (When Saints Go Machine) ponders life as an actual T-1000, announces debut album as Khalil on Posh Isolation

Nikolaj Vonsild (When Saints Go Machine) ponders life as an actual T-1000, announces debut album as Khalil on Posh Isolation

I’ve never considered what some would call the “overuse” of Auto-Tune for the purposes of creating extraterrestrial vocals all that much of a turn-off. The vocals themselves can work when they aren’t paired with terrible delivery by aspiring singers who may or may not be trying to make deliberately bad music. And besides, isn’t the arguable abuse of what was initially designed to be a minor vocal correction tool ultimately much more harmless than humankind’s reckless and perpetual overuse and abuse of the Earth’s natural resources?? And speaking of which, where does Khalil (a.k.a. the new project of Nikolaj Vonsild) stand on the subject of the Flint water crisis and the lack of potable water throughout much of the developing world???

There’s reason to believe that the Danish musician, otherwise known for his work in the synthpop band When Saints Go Machine, isn’t much of a fan.

The Water We Drink is Khalil’s debut album, created in collaboration with producers Simon Formann, (Yen Towers) and Villas Klint. It gushes out August 25 on Posh Isolation, and a press release makes sure to note the “sensuality” of water, as well as how “it approaches our sense of touch quite unlike any other matter or form.” There’s definitely a vague fluidity to the new album, while Vonsild’s invariably auto-tuned vocals match melodies that seem to flow in between, around, and on top of geographical boundaries. The lyrics aren’t necessarily easy to discern as a result, but it’s not a big deal if you’re willingly along for the wade.

Assuming you’re willing to get your feet wet, here’s where you can pre-order, and here’s the track “Rest My Head Against A Wall of Water.” Just let it, you know, “wash over you” while you ponder the point at which all of these heady global/musical issues intersect.

The Water We Drink tracklisting:

01. Trapper
02. Rest My Head Against A Wall Of Water
03. Gigds
04. Submit So Deep
05. Estate Straight Line
06. Herat
07. Always Wanted To Ride In A Place Like This
08. Natures Envy
09. Sculpture No Solid
10. The White Hoodie I Wear Because I Love You

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