Nurse with Wound releases new LP Chromanatron, a dedication to Sand with assuredly no geological basis

Nurse with Wound releases new LP Chromanatron, a dedication to Sand with assuredly no geological basis

To spread the word about the existence of a similarly mythical “Golem,” but separate from the emaciated sub-human “Gollum” known from the LOTR trilogy: though its status as a “masterpiece” is considered by some to be widely regarded, the pinnacle (and in some respects, sole) album from the obscure German cosmic/krautrock band Sand was only recently reissued by Rotorelief in 2010, following an initial release in 1974. One could say that the LP’s reintroduction into the breathable atmosphere was preceded by an epiphany on behalf of that label’s operators, summed up by the following imaginary comment, as though spoken from an immature 12-year old via the internet: “OMG, I rly liek their music!” So followed the Golem reissues, as well the the dissemination of Sand’s unreleased work.

Enthusiasm apparently spread in concurrence, because the immortal Nurse with Wound, known for their/his heterogeneous propensities, has opted to release a new album called Chromanatron, which takes from “no less than five” of Sand’s albums — presumably four of which were unofficially drawn from the band through some kind of supernatural music-gleaning method. Here, I found an image of what it must look like… not that the folks at Rotorelief are in any way comparable in character to Dementors (though they do seem to be equally unidentifiable).

From a wider perspective, Chromanatron is but a piece of a Rotorelief series called INXODEM, a more comprehensive dedication to Sand, which includes the release of what was previously not. Current 93, oft-collaborator of Nurse with Wound, has also contributed covers of the Sand track “When the May Rain Comes” as a part of the series.

Fucking Sand. Who knew? Purchase and listen to a clip of Chromanatron here.

Chromanatron tracklisting:

01. Chromanatron - Part 1
02. Chromanatron - Part 2

• Nurse with Wound:
• Rotorelief:

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