Orange Milk announces 4 new releases from artists that are definitely not tea flavors

Orange Milk announces 4 new releases from artists that are definitely not tea flavors

Okay, let’s play a game. It’s called “Milk or Tea?” In the game, I’ll give you a list of names and you get to decide if it’s the name of a recording artist on the label Orange Milk Records or a flavor name of a Celestial Seasonings brand tea. Sound fun? Sounds fun!

Okay, here’s your list! Get guessing!

  1. Metoronori
  2. Tiger Village
  3. Bengal Spice
  4. Fast Lane
  5. Pajjama
  6. Morning Thunder
  7. Shoeg
  8. Ginger
  9. Emperor’s Choice

Okay… now let’s see how you did!

  1. Orange Milk Artist
  2. Orange Milk Artist
  3. Tea
  4. Tea
  5. Orange Milk Artist
  6. Tea
  7. Orange Milk Artist
  8. Tea
  9. Tea

So, did you figure it out ok? Or are you just plain old “eg no ra moose”? Either way you get the same reward, and that reward is…(drum roll)…Four (that’s right, FOUR) new releases from Orange Milk Records on tape and digital! One each from Metoronori メトロノリ, Tiger Village, Pajjama, and Shoeg!

Shoeg’s Container shows the Barcelona artist experimenting with long-form industrial sound design. Metoronori’s メトロノリ works ‘14-‘18 ペール is a collection of whispered memories of pop. Pajjama’s womb is from a longtime Orange Milk producer who uses jarring video game influences to make rhythmic sonic rivers. Last but not least, Tiger Village’s Tact is composed of cradling, textured synthesizer patch patterns with sprinklings of abrupt samples.

All of these records are out November 2, and you can stream a sample of each of them down below! Then keep your eye out for orders on Orange Milk’s Bandcamp page.

Didn’t do too well in our little game? Don’t worry! There’s plenty of time to study up before we play next time. For now, I’ll just settle back with a nice warm cup of Morning Thunder and enjoy the weather…

(*Sips slowly*) ahhhhhhh…

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