PAN launches new soundtrack series Entopia with Kuro film score from Tujiko Noriko

PAN launches new soundtrack series Entopia with Kuro film score from Tujiko Noriko
Tujiko Noriko as Romi

Even by now, I’m sure your eyes have already glazed over. You saw that fateful three-letter word PAN in a headline and fulfilled your fateful duty as a TMT reader to come here to see what the feeding chamber had for you today.

Well, snap to it! I don’t do all this hard work for you to just sit there drooling all over your laptop. And besides, it’s not every day (or even every year) you get news about Tujiko Noriko, so you’re gonna listen to what I have to say about the Berlin macro-label’s newest offshoot series: Entopia.

Entopia is a series “seeking to amplify and redefine our ideas of what a soundtrack can be,” and it’s launching today with the announcement of its debut release: the soundtrack to Kuro, written and directed by artist/director Joji Koyama and multidisciplinary cult-pop icon Tujiko Noriko. The soundtrack was composed by Noriko (with contributions from Joji Koyama, Sam Britton, and Will Worsely) who also stars in the film as Romi, a Japanese woman surrounded by nostalgia and living in the suburbs of Paris with her paraplegic lover Milou. Are you still with me? OK, good.

If your attention span can handle it, streaming below is “Rooftop,” the haunting soundtrack’s first piece. “Rooftop” marks the first new musical release from Noriko since 2014’s My Ghost Comes Back. You’re pretty lucky you’re still breathing and here to be reading about this news at all, so come on an act like it!

“I tried to think of the pieces in abstract terms, like moods and atmospheres,” writes Noriko about the score. “In a way, the process was quite similar to how I usually make music, in the sense that I have images in my head.”

The Kuro soundtrack will be released on April 26, with pre-orders available here. OK, now you can go back to your endless scrolling. At least until PAN decides to dump a bucket of water on your head again.

Kuro (OST) tracklisting:

01. Rooftop
02. Karaoke Theme
03. Cyclaman
04. Akichi
05. Grave Flowers
06. Romi and Kuro
07. Night Park
08. Mr. Ono Dances
09. Broken Records
10. Ride
11. The Storm
12. Romi Sings
13. Morning Theme
14. Gondola Song
15. Mouth Full of Soil
16. Milou
17. At The Sea
18. Opening
19. The Flood

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