Tujiko Noriko, several ghosts, and a frisbee are back; new Noriko full-length on Editions Mego in November

Tujiko Noriko, several ghosts, and a frisbee are back; new Noriko full-length on Editions Mego in November

The thing about ghosts is that they are very real. Maybe you’ve heard that ghosts are a “figment of your imagination” or a “distraction put forth by the liberal media,” but they are no such thing. Like many real things, such as frisbees or the mail if you don’t use the right postage, ghosts are further possessed with the capacity to return, to come back. This brings us to the new full-length by the Japanese musician Tujiko Noriko, which is fittingly titled My Ghost Comes Back, since as we have established, ghosts are possessed with the capacity to come back. It is further fitting because, like her frisbee, postal, and ghostly colleagues, Noriko herself is “back”: My Ghost Comes Back is her first release since 2012’s collaboration with Takemura Nobukazu East Facing Balcony, and it is her first solo release since 2008’s Trust. It is, however, important to bear in mind that, as of this writing, Noriko is not a ghost, and is very much still a human made out of skin, making the album’s title a little misleading if you ask me.

My Ghost Comes Back, which will be released via Editions Mego, is described as a “decidedly more acoustic affair” compared to Noriko’s past work, featuring guest contributions on the violin, the musical saw, the mandolin, and many others. The album is further described as being of a piece with Noriko’s exploration of the boundaries and intersections between avant-garde and pop music. It is as-yet unclear how I can integrate these facts into the joke above wherein I needlessly expounded on banal details about ghosts and frisbees, but we will be sure to update you as the situation develops. My Ghost Comes Back is out on November 24, pre-order it here, and peep “Through the Rain” from the album below.

My Ghost Comes Back tracklist:

01. My Heart Isn’t Only Mine
02. Land Next to Me
03. Give Me Your Hands
04. Minty You
05. Through the Rain
06. 12 Moons
07. Under the White Sheets
08. Yellow of You
09. My Ghost Comes Back

• Tujiko Noriko: http://www.tujikonoriko.com
• Editions Mego: http://editionsmego.com

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