Editions Mego plans 20th anniversary reissues of General Magic and Pita’s Fridge Trax and Live and Final Fridge

Editions Mego plans 20th anniversary reissues of General Magic and Pita's Fridge Trax and Live and Final Fridge

If you take four years and multiply that by five years, you get twenty years. By the power of numerology and some clever trickery, that’s precisely how long ago the towering and delightful Mego/Editions Mego imprint burst into being with the release of Fridge Trax, a collaborative EP from label founders Peter Rehberg (a.k.a. Pita) and Andreas Pieper and Ramon Bauer (a.k.a. General Magic). The EP led the way for Live and Final Fridge, a full-length that came out the following year on Source Records. Both releases got way out ahead of tired old Sunn O))) jokes by literally using recordings from the insides of a refrigerator to construct elaborate and strange sound fields, setting the tone for the aesthetics of Mego by melding bizarro abstraction and high concept into dance structures.

Well, now, what with the fact that four times five equals twenty, Editions Mego has decided to celebrate its 20 years of existence by reissuing both the EP and the LP in a deluxe double LP edition. The 13-track collection, titled Fridge Trax Plus, is out May 24. You can preview “Shuffle Fridge” below.

Fridge Trax Plus tracklist:

01. Deep Fridge
02. Dope Fridge
03. Funk Fridge
04. Theme Fridge
05. Thaw Fridge
06. Spring Fridge
07. Deeper Fridge
08. Shuffle Fridge
09. Phunk Phridge
10. Cool Fridge
11. Ding Fridge
12. Raw Fridge
13. Final Fridge

• Pita: http://editionsmego.com/artist/pita
• Editions Mego: http://editionsmego.com/

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