DJ Lycox preps debut for Príncipe, shares highly danceable new single “Solteiro” (finalmente!)

DJ Lycox preps debut for Príncipe, shares highly danceable new single “Solteiro” (finalmente!)
Dream? Or Nightmare!

And “just like that”(well, kinda?), another year draws to a close. It’s that most festive season of year when at “we” here at TMT (and at all music publications) begin the process of kid-in-a-candy-store-ing our favorite releases of the year before December arrives. But like an ill-fated stepdad or apologetic lover slipping a last-minute gift through our doors at 11:59 PM, our parceirxs at Príncipe are delivering their final kick in 2017’s pants: a solo debut from one of the labels most extraordinary producers, DJ Lycox.

Sonhos & Pesadelos (Google assures me this means “dreams and nightmares”) arrives November 17 on Príncipe. Of course it features art from the Portuguese label’s mainstay Márcio Matos (and of course, as you can see above, that artwork is fucking incredible). Label fans may remember DJ Lycox as the standout talent from the Tia Maria Produções crew on 2014’s Tá Tipo Já Não Vamos Morrer.

But the first single from the album is far from the dysphoric insomnia of ”Underground.” “Solteiro” is an uncharacteristically gentle and pulsating tune that feels — more than anything — romantic in its rhythm. Truth be told, it’s quite beautiful. And it follows lots and lots and lots of heretofore phenomenal music from the label.

In other words, these new jams from Lycox may be the perfect soundtrack for the dance of that many-headed yellow figure who’s rocking out on that album cover…oh speaking of which, as you probably guessed by now, you can get your own unique, “individually hand-painted sleeve” (more images down below) if you pre-order the wax right now over at Bandcamp! Finalmente indeed, kids. 2017 wouldn’t have wanted to miss this one; it’s a right banger.

Sonhos & Pesadelos tracklisting:

01. Weekend
02. Galinha
03. Domingo Abençoado
04. Virgin Island
05. Nichako
06. La Java
07. Parabens Moh Baba
08. Quarteto Fantástico (feat PuTo NeLo, Puto WilsoN & MIX-BwÉ)
09. Sky
10. Solteiro
11. Ferrero (digital bonus track)
12. 2855 (Digital bonus track)

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