RABIT announces new Toe In The Bardo Pond EP and Asian tour dates

RABIT announces new Toe In The Bardo Pond EP and Asian tour dates
Photo: Paweł Wyląg

If you’ve been reading a lot of Tiny Mix Tapes instead of looking for a REAL JOB (like I have), you might recall that Our boy RABIT has had a pretty busy summer. He announced his new album Life After Death on Halcyon Veil (which came out last month) and dropped not ONE but freakin’ TWO hot-as-shit, DJ Screw-inspired mixtapes.

But instead of going into some sort of contrived rabbit metaphor-invoking “hibernation” mode, the guy is putting out EVEN MORE MUSIC later this month…and then jetting off to tour Asian continent in December!

Rabit’s Toe In The Bardo Pond EP will be released digitally on November 23 via Halycon Veil. It’s being billed as a Life After Death “remix suite” and was, naturally, “written, produced, mixed, and mastered by Rabit.”

Hey…speaking of Rabit! Here’s Rabit! SPEAKING!

The Life After Death album poses more questions than answers and no traditional “songs.” Experimentation, searching, and playfulness will always be at the core of what I do. I thank those who understand that art and music can be an ever changing reflection of a human being’s experience. The sounds of the Life After Death album have been twisted into something else here. Thanks for listening.

- Rabit

Well, what are you waiting for?! Don’t let the man feel like an idiot by NOT listening after he JUST GOT DONE thanking you for listening! Check out the EP track “Rebirth II” down below. (And you might wanna book your boat to China ASAP too. I hear it takes a while to get there…)

Cover design: Collin Fletcher


11.30.18 - Shanghai, China - ALL
12.01.18 - Shenzhen, China - Oil
12.07.18 - Bangkok, Thailand - Shade & Shadow
12.08.18 - Beijing, China - Zhaodai
12.15.18 - Hangzhou, China - Loopy

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