Royal Trux keep being INDESTRUCTIBLE: sign to Fat Possum, announce reissues, discuss new album

Royal Trux keep being INDESTRUCTIBLE: sign to Fat Possum, announce reissues, discuss new album
Photo: Eleanor Hardwick

Royal Trux is a sonic bomb shelter.

Royal Trux created some of the most insane, and insanely awesome, experimental jams of the 90s.

Royal Trux even survived a bout a major label attention in the mid-90s.

Royal Trux disappeared for 15 years. Presumed never to return, until…

Royal Trux returned in 2015.

Royal Trux’ last album was not so much an album as a live greatest hits IED.

Royal Trux = indestructible.

Now, Royal Trux + Fat Possum Records = (digital issue of back catalogue + new album) = AWESOME!

That’s right, Royal Trux (and math) junkies. Those unstoppable Trux have motored on from their old stable at Drag City and parked themselves in the increasingly crowded Fat Possum garage. And to make that shift more news worthy, we can tell you that a whole bunch of the records the band released with Drag City will be making there way onto ALL streaming platforms in March (this is a big deal; Drag City aren’t big on streaming and currently only use Apple Music).

More exciting STILL is the fact that Royal Trux has committed to some studio time in summer 2018! (Allow me to pause to let that sink in…)

Unfortunately, we don’t know any more info beyond that, at the moment. Maybe these new recordings will consist of Buddhist chants, maybe it will be white noise, maybe it will be buddhists chanting white noise…who knows? time will tell.

But until further details materialize, fans can rest easy knowing that “2018 will prove to be their busiest year, with strategic headlining shows across the US and festival dates across Europe going in to 2019.” (Whew, thanks, press release!) So, yeah. I guess just turn up the volume, kick this jam, and keep your eyes peeled and your trux looking royal.

2018 Royal Trux Re-Issues:

Royal Trux s/t (1988)

Hand of Glory  (1989)

Twin Infinitives (1990)

Untitled (1992)

Cats and Dogs  (1993)

Accelerator (1998)

3-Song EP (1998)

Veterans of Disorder  (1999)

Pound for Pound  (2000)

Radio Video EP  (2000)

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