Sean McCann readies the beautiful Music for Private Ensemble, and it’s music for you too!

Sean McCann readies the beautiful Music for Private Ensemble, and it's music for you too!

It goes without saying that music publicists are all about putting their clients in the best possible light. When it comes to music releases, their repertoire can include a mix of superlatives and grandiose descriptions, but I’ve noticed a separate thread as well: an emphasis on the artist’s work ethic. If it’s revealed than an album was crafted along the slopes of Mount Doom, with a gang of ringwraiths sporadically passing by for the purposes of flipping shit, you’d be all the more impressed, no? Well, how do we know that the recording actually took place within close proximity to the dreaded Eye? Isn’t that entire story fiction? When press releases mention that such-and-such artist spent however many decades conjuring and later realizing an album, I’d like to think that lounging in the most comfy of reclining chairs wasn’t deemed a part of that realization process.

Private Ensemble was written, recorded, and laboriously edited over the course of 17 months, composed both traditionally as well as through the clustering and organization of improvisations.”

Believe it, because not only does Sean McCann’s extensive back catalogue offer an attestation, but it’s difficult to imagine a (sort of ridiculously) multi-layered utilization of violin, viola, cello, flute, piano, glockenspiel, and percussion taking much less time. Music for Private Ensemble is his first solo LP since the intricacies of the The Capital (TMT Review), and it also represents a personal fulfillment for Recital, the label that he founded and operates, as he remarked in a prior interview with TMT: “I’ve been very interested with classical, minimalism, and overwhelmingly melodic music, like choral motets… I want to release purely beautiful music.”

Kayla Cohen offers some vocal allure to conclude the album, but otherwise this is purely a McCannian effort, more refined than a concert hall dressed in a giant tuxedo. A classier theoretical thing may not exist. The deluxe edition begins shipping July 9.

Music for Private Ensemble tracklisting:

01. Introduction: Reservations / An Exchange of Courtesies pts. 1 & 2
02. Character Change
03. City with All the Angles
04. Conclusion: Our Days of Generosity Are Over / Arden

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