Seth Graham is bringing his new album Gasp to his most fervent fanbase of Dayton, OH

Seth Graham is bringing his new album Gasp to his most fervent fanbase of Dayton, OH
Are you totally sick of seeing this photo on TMT yet?

So you’ve just finished reading our bomb interview with Orange Milk co-founder Seth Graham and streaming his latest album ahead of its Friday, March 23 release date, and you’re now asking yourself the question: will I ever be able to hear these songs live?

Well, look no further, dear reader! Here at TMT, we’ve employed our trademark HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE methods of investigation to get our slimy hands on Mr. Graham’s private and exclusive agenda for the next month or so.

Dentist appointments and tennis games aside, his schedule appears to include a neat and tidy string of live performances all across the Eastern seaboard (and the most Eastern seaboard-esque part of the Midwest, which is also where Graham is from).

So, get yourself ready to fully experience this “digital blob of classical music with no obligation,” except for the obligation to fucking be there if you live in any of the cities mentioned above. And if you don’t, consider buying Gasp when it comes out this Friday. It goes down smoooooth — like warm milk…but with the nice acidic kick of cold orange juice mixed in. Mmm mmm, good.

Tour dates:

03.23.18 - Toronto, CA (Giant Claw)
03.24.18 - Hamilton, CA (Giant Claw, Man Made Hill)
03.30.18 - Cleveland, OH (Tiger Village)
03.31.18 - Pittsburgh, PA (LXV [Arsonist])
04.01.18 - Cincinnati, OH (GRID, Wasteland Jazz Unit)
04.13.18 - Columbus, OH (Galen Tipton, Giant Claw)
04.15.18 - Dayton, OH (Fire-Toolz, Galen Tipton)
04.27.18 - Brooklyn, NY (Hollywaxwing, Koeosaeme)
04.28.18 - Boston, MA (Velf, Dok-s, Koeosaeme)

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