Software releasing Remembrance, the debut EP from Suicideyear, in September

Software releasing Remembrance, the debut EP from Suicideyear, in September

James Prudhomme a.k.a. Suicideyear, the woozy trap-influenced instrumental hip-hop producer, has got some serious memories on the brain. That’s the short version of why his upcoming EP on Software is called Remembrance. These are not just some garden variety, “Oh, I think I’ve seen that tree before” type of memories, either. They’re more like the kind where you walk into the kitchen and your wife is all like, “Did you forget the milk?” and you did because your brain was otherwise engaged, tracing the contours of what it means to be alive and to have been alive for as long as you can recall so you totally spaced on that grocery list she texted you while you were at work. No big deal, right? Wrong. Huge deal. You’re sleeping on the couch tonight, bucko. And even worse, I almost just lost my train of thought and totally forgot that this news post is supposed to be about the new Suicideyear EP. Silly me!

So, some of you might recall Suicideyear’s Japan mixtape from last year, though others of you might not. I don’t know your life! Here’s a link to it. What about his production for Yung Lean’s “Hurt?” Do you remember that? It’s okay if you don’t! I’m not like your wife with the milk. I’m chill! I would never make you sleep on the couch. Anyhow, Remembrance, which Prudhomme wrote throughout 2013, tightens the screws up a bit on his previous work in order to pass inspection by the Official Debut Police. Remembrance is out September 23, though you can scope the visual single for “Hope Building A” below.

Remembrance tracklisting:

01. I Don’t Care About Death Because I Smoke
02. Daniel
03. Caroline
04. Hope Building
05. Savior
06. U S
07. Remembrance
08. When You Sleep

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