Spoon return with new record They Want My Soul, frightful news about the existence of soul stealers

Spoon return with new record They Want My Soul, frightful news about the existence of soul stealers

Where’s Spoon been? Oh, they’ve been fleeing from unknown forces desiring their immortal souls. That was my first guess, and I was right, because Ockham’s Razor and all. Due to the pursuit from soul takers, Spoon haven’t put out a record since 2010’s Transference. But Spoon shall live in fear no longer: as NPR reports, they’re back and willing to relay their experiences on a new album titled They Want My Soul, out August 5 through Loma Vista.

W-W-W-W-W-WHAT? Loma Vista? Not Merge? No, friends, the decade-plus marriage of Spoon and Merge Records has ended, assumedly in a magnanimous fashion. Although Loma Vista seems a fine home for the band, I must regretfully report that love is dead.

Love isn’t all that’s dead, though! (Killer segue, me.) Spoon have been teasing something called “R.I.P.” lately, saying only that whatever it is will happen June 10. Analysts predict that, yeah, it’s probably the record’s first single. Or that the band have resigned themselves to some horrible fate.

If you can’t wait those few days for new Spoon (or simply do not trust that this R.I.P. business isn’t something awful), then perhaps check out the interview they recently did with All Songs Considered. In said interview, you get a little background about why Spoon’s been keeping it so low-key the last few years, aside from the obvious reasons (soul stealers). But what you’re really looking for are the clips from various They Want My Soul songs. You’ll get it, you vultures.

• Spoon: http://www.spoontheband.com
• Loma Vista: http://lomavistarecordings.com

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