Throwing Snow compiles his 2018 tone-minglings on new Loma LP, out via Houndstooth this month

Throwing Snow compiles his 2018 tone-minglings on new Loma LP, out via Houndstooth this month
Photo: Colin Hawkins

Hey, this is perfect timing for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, where many of us are mentally and physically adjusting to the seasonal change in temperature! After all, what better way to hasten our acclimation than to perform an amateur, theatrical rendition of Stephen King’s novel, The Shining, in various international living rooms?

It’s theorized that fearing for your life in a pretend Overlook Hotel has the capacity to make the regular winter season that much more bearable, but just in case it doesn’t: producer and label head Ross Tones a.k.a. Throwing Snow has us covered when it comes projecting warmth at the same time as murderous cold. His previous full-length albums Mosaic and Embers both accomplished that in spades. Now, we have Loma to look forward to just ahead of that point where microwaving socks and underwear starts to seem like it’s not a blatant fire hazard.

Loma is scheduled for release November 30 via the reliable Houndstooth label. And if you’re of the opinion that EPs are generally a tease on par with eating a single chip, you’ll be glad to know that the new album consists of nine tracks — eight of which appear on four EPs that were released earlier this year. The ninth track is an Octo Octa remix of the track “Simmer.” Overall, the music is basically in line with the Houndstooth calling card: think music slightly off the beaten electronic path, but not so far that one gets lost and eaten by a family of mountain lions.

As previously alluded to, Tones is also affiliated administratively with the labels Left Blank and A Future Without. He’s based out of London at present. Listen to clips from Loma below, and pre-order it here.

Loma tracklisting:

01. Simmer
02. Myriad
03. Trébucher
04. Subtitles
05. Tantrum
06. Vulpine
07. Minotaurs
08. V
09. Simmer (Octo Octa’s Bring Forth Peace from Pain Remix)

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