Tim Heidecker announces new record, In Glendale

Tim Heidecker announces new record, In Glendale

Tim Heidecker, modern clown and father of comedy, has announced his new album, In Glendale, to be released May 20 on the new Jagjaguwar imprint Rado Records, including a signed vinyl bundle with “the chance to win a Skype call with Tim to review his album to his face.” The genius behind Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories has released several albums already, including two albums with Davin Wood, an album that beat Bob Dylan’s song about the Titanic to the punch, and an album all about drinking piss.

Now if you’re thinking, “Hey, this person doesn’t sound like a normal guy,” well, his new album (previously mentioned) will make you think, “Hey, this guy is just a guy.” In the video for “In Glendale,” you can see Tim be a norm like the rest of us:

But, the thing is, Tim is actually talented, and we norms just have our dumb music news, Doritos, and porn. We don’t have a 10-piece band backing us or a West Coast tour. No, we suck. And we’ll probably message Tim on Twitter, act like we know him, and say, “Hey, where’s that Dekkar album, guy?”

Fans of Warren Zevon, Harry Nilsson, and Randy Newman will enjoy Heidecker’s sincerely irreverent music styling, and fans of Tim Heidecker’s music will continue to like his music.

In Glendale tracklisting:
01. In Glendale
02. Cleaning Up The Dog Shit
03. Work From Home
04. Ghost In My Bed
05. Good Looking Babies
06. When The Cash Runs Out
07. I Dare You To Watch Me Sleep
08. Central Air
09. I Saw Nicolas Cage
10. Ocean’s Too Cold


05.22.16 - Los Angeles, CA - Teragram Ballroom (Record Release Show)
05.30.16 - George, WA - Sasquatch Festival
05.31.16 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios
06.02.16 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent
06.03.16 - Sacramento, CA - Harlow’s

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