Tomaga set to release Futura Grotesk LP on Hands in the Dark. Ew!

Tomaga set to release Futura Grotesk LP on Hands in the Dark. Ew!

I just found a rotten banana peel at the bottom of my stupid backpack that I stupidly forgot about for at least two weeks. It’s disgusting. It got all over my stupid fancy books and headphones and I’m filled with materialistic self-loathing.

Then, oh boy, Tomaga show up envisioning an even uglier future. The London-based duo of Valentina Magaletti and Thomas Corvid have only transmitted one shadowy, scattered tape so far, promising that Sleepy Jazz for Tired Cats was the beginning of a longer career. Now French label Hands in the Dark has announced Tomaga’s first full-length: Futura Grotesk is out November 12.

This promise of a nasty time to come is unnerving, sure, but at least it’s paired with broken jazz rhythms and woozy synths. Seven whole tracks of dystopic, psychedelic visions, on an edition of 500 LPs, each with a download code. No pre-order yet, but keep your eyes peeled. “Peeled.” Like banana peel. Ewwwww.

Futura Grotesk tracklisting:

01. Alphabet of Night
02. Long Term Green
03. Malintesi
04. Futura Grotesk
05. Taste the Indifference
06. Mountain Opener
07. Days Like They Were Before

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