Troller announces Graphic on Holodeck, premieres stunning new video

Troller announces Graphic on Holodeck, premieres stunning new video

How’s your day going? Did you get stuck in traffic for 30 minutes? Did you have to use that gross powdered creamer in your coffee? Were the last several hours just a miserable rehashing of your pathetic quotidian existence? If so, it sounds like you need some ART. And fortunately for us, there’s this stunning new video from Austin “darkwave metal” trio Troller for their track “Not Here.” Featuring drag artist Louisianna Purchase, local Austin dominatrices Domme Discordia and O, and the band itself hidden behind masks, the Melissa Cha-directed video — which premiered on FACT — has that strong “David Lynch Goes to a Sex Dungeon” vibe we all know and love. (Right? You know what I mean, right?)

Troller also has a new LP on its way via the always-reliable Holodeck Records. Graphic comes out April 8. They’ll be performing at Holodeck’s label showcase at the Lucky Lounge at SXSW.


01. Hellscape
02. Graphic
03. Not Here
04. They Body
05. Storm Maker
06. Dryld
07. Nothing
08. Drug Dog
09. Sundowner
10. Torch

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