Ty Segall announces break from releasing new albums to release new album with White Fence

Ty Segall announces break from releasing new albums to release new album with White Fence
Dogs and cats living together! Mass Hysteria!

How well do you remember 2012?

Well enough to recall that was the year that Ty Segall and White Fence (a.k.a. Tim Presley) first joined forces for to create a two-headed psych-folk masterbeast called Hair? Or is that just some distant yet fond memory now nestled among the countless Ty Segall releases (the dude appears to have no off-switch) and the White Fence/Presley killers like his recent DRINKS record with Cate Le Bon?

Okay, now stop scratching into your pot-holed memories, because all that is in the past and you have a very bright and expansive future ahead of you in which Segall and White Fence have re-united for another record. This time it’s called Joy, and it’ll be released via Drag City on July 20.

You needn’t worry whether Joy will be some wild departure towards conga-infused, spoken word pieces, either; because the lead single “Good Boy” — conveniently embedded below — suggests that it contains another solid 15 tracks’ worth of burning-garage-flecked psychedelia.

Pre-order the album here and catch the lads live this fall when they hit the road to prove they aren’t holograms (because let’s face it: the wildest of rumors are always the hardest to shake).

Joy tracklisting:

01. Beginning
02. Please Don’t Leave This Town
03. Room Connector
04. Body Behavior
05. Good Boy
06. Hey Joel, Where You Going With That?
07. Rock Flute
08. A Nod
09. Grin Without Smile
10. Other Way
11. Prettiest Dog
12. Do Your Hair
13. She Is Gold
14. Tommy’s Place
15. My Friend

JOY to (the following select cities of) the world:

10.06.18 - Revolution Hall, Portland, OR
10.07.18 - Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver, BC
10.08.18 - Neumos, Seattle, WA
10.10.18 - Harlow’s, Sacramento, CA
10.11.18 - Gundlach Bundschu, Sonoma, CA
10.10-10.14 - Desert Daze Festival in Moreno Valley, CA

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