Umor Rex announces archival release of modular synth compositions by M. Geddes Gengras

Umor Rex announces archival release of modular synth compositions by M. Geddes Gengras

It seems a little surprising that an artist as recently active as M. Geddes Gengras would require two archival volumes of past work. However, Gengras’s work pace for the past seven years has been pretty damn astounding. Aside from collaborating with Sun Araw (on the Congos cooperation Icon Give Thank and Duppy Gun) and participating in Pocahaunted and Akron/Family, Gengras has also issued a hefty pile of solo works, most operating in the limited cassette format, which is a difficult world to keep track of.

Thankfully, Umor Rex is here to guide us hapless collectors through the labyrinth of Gengras fetishism. UR has announced a follow-up to their past archival release, Collected Works Vol. 1: The Moog Years, which came out last year.

On November 18, Rex will deliver Collected Works Vol. 2: New Process Music. Vol. 2 documents a time in Gengras’s development (2011-2012) when he began to apply lush, expansive post-production techniques to his already well-practiced long-form modular drones. For these recordings, Gengras limited himself to using only a small eurorack synth and magnavox tape echo.

Pick up New Process Music on sweet, sweet colored vinyl when it drops in November; until then, enjoy “The Last Time We Were Here” below.

Collected Works Vol. 2: New Process Music tracklisting:

01. Pure
02. Slider
03. Ricochet
04. Glass dance
05. The last time we were here
06. Relation
07. New Process
08. Pure (Reprise)

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