UNO NYC celebrates three years of crushing the pun game with UNOversary show this Saturday

UNO NYC celebrates three years of crushing the pun game with UNOversary show this Saturday

The life of a Tiny Mix Tapes news writer isn’t quite as glamorous as it looks. Sure, I mean, it’s great to be this naturally hilarious, but when you’ve been at it for a while, it gets pretty hard not to repeat yourself. Take for instance UNO NYC’s third UNOversary party, which is happening this very Saturday in New York (scope details here) and which will feature performances from CFCF, Aquarian, Gobby, Kuhrye-oo, Feral, and maybe even a special guest. I really want to crack a joke about how, oh I don’t know, it’s great that UNO NYC has finally grown out of the terrible twos because golly-gee don’t you know about toddlers? They’re such a handful, am I right? Or maybe I could take a step back on the whole birthday angle and say something like, “boy howdy, 18 years is an awful long time to wait before this particular record label can legally drink alcoholic beverages.” But, look, record labels are having anniversaries all the time! I’ve already done the birthday joke angle. Twice, actually!

I know what you’re thinking, why don’t I just go the wedding anniversary route? Maybe say something like, “UNO NYC’s in it for the long haul. Till death do them part, for sure!” Then I could go on and on about how their “marriage” of a record label has given birth to delightful and TMT-approved fruit/children/albums from the likes of Arca, Gobby, and Mykki Blanco. Or I could even mine the juicy vein of ironic sitcom appropriation and pretend like there’s been a little bit of trouble in paradise — maybe someone forgot someone else’s anniversary and it all plays out in a hilarious last-minute run to the grocery store to grab a bouquet of flowers that doubles as an interview with the label’s founder as well as a few of the artists. But I already did that too! Is there nothing new under the sun!?

I think, honestly, all that’s left is to go hardcore meta. To dig deep and talk about myself and my process all the while winking so hard I pull a face-muscle halfway through the endeavor. Hows about while I wind myself up for a little bit of news section ouroboros, you check Gobby’s third installment in his Mixtape from the Du series, entitled Dune, over at the Chocolate Grinder.

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