Waxwork Records continues noble (yet scary) project of reissuing Dario Argento film scores with Profondo Rosso, Inferno, and Phenomena OSTs

Waxwork Records continues noble (yet scary) project of reissuing Dario Argento film scores with Profondo Rosso, Inferno, and Phenomena OSTs
2xLP package

Can you believe it’s already time for everybody’s favorite spooky holiday? That’s right: it’s Italian film director and giallo master Dario Argento’s birthday! What’s that? You forgot?! Well, I suppose that’s okay, considering the fine folks at Waxwork Records are, as always, prepared AF. And it seems they’re celebrating enough for all of us with deluxe vinyl reissues of the scores from three of Argento’s classic movies: 1975’s Profondo Rosso (a.k.a. Deep Red), 1980’s Inferno, and 1985’s Phenomena. Gee, I hope someone’s keeping score!

Of course, this isn’t the first time Waxwork has assumed the mantle of premier Argento soundtrack reissuers, but, that being said, *extremely Vincent Price voice* allow me to introduce you to this trio of mysterious and frightening dinner guests:

Profondo Rosso has come to be recognized as one of Italian horror cinema’s most renowned masterworks. Goblin’s score for Profondo Rosso marked the first of several iconic collaborations between the band and director, and Waxwork promises their enormous 3xLP edition of the score on “bloodied doll” colored vinyl is the “definitive” version.

Inferno, scored by Keith Emerson, was originally envisioned as the second in a thematic trilogy following Argento’s most influential film, Suspiria. The 2xLP edition of the soundtrack features artwork by Italian illustrators Malleus, and it comes on “Mater Tenebrarum” colored vinyl (try to figure that one out without looking).

Finally, Waxwork have put together a comprehensive 2xLP edition of Goblin’s score for Phenomena, featuring the complete score alongside “all unused, unreleased, alternate score tracks, suites, and bonus tracks.” It comes with an 11” x 11” art print and combined “insects and earth” and “telekinesis” colored vinyl.

By the way, these scary boys are out RIGHT NOW, so if you see star-ios for Dario, head over to the Waxwork world-wide website and pick up a few with your black leather-gloved hands. Otherwise, check out the gorgeous artwork and comically-long tracklistings below so you know exactly what you’re missing on this, the spookiest holiday of the year (no contest).

Profondo Rosso tracklisting:

Side A
01. Profondo Rosso
02. Death Dies
03. Mad Puppet

Side B
04. Wild Session
05. Deep Shadows
06. School At Night
07. Gianna

Side C
08. Mad Puppet Laughs (Opening Intro)
09. School At Night (Lullaby - Child Version)
10. Profondo Rosso (Jazz Source #1)
11. Profondo Rosso (Paura)
12. Profondo Rosso (Paura #2)
13. School At Night (Lullaby - Instrumental Version)
14. Profondo Rosso (Paura #3)
15. School At Night - Traccia 8
16. Profondo Rosso (Paura #4)

Side D
17. School At Night (#2)
18. School At Night (School At Night - Celesta Version)
19. Profondo Rosso (Paura #5)
20. Gianna (#2)
21. Death Dies (Film Version)
22. Profondo Rosso (Jazz Flute)
23. Profondo Rosso (Jazz Source #2)

Side E
24. Deep Shadows (Film Version)
25. Profondo Rosso (Paura #6)
26. Death Dies (Film Version #2)
27. Profondo Rosso (Jazz Source #3)
28. Deep Shadows (Film Version #2)
29. School At Night (Lullaby - Music Box Version)
30. Profondo Rosso (Jazz Source #4)
31. Deep Shadows (Film Version #3)

Side F
32. Death Dies (Film Version #3)
33. Profondo Rosso (Jazz Flute #2)
34. School At Night (Lullaby - Echo Version)
35. Profondo Rosso (Remix Version)
36. Profondo Rosso (Original Sound Effect)

Inferno tracklisting:

Side A
01. Inferno Main Titles
02. Rose’s Descent Into The Cellar
03. Taxi Ride (Rome)
04. The Library
05. Sarah In The Library Vaults

Side B
06. Bookbinder’s Delight
07. Rose Leaves The Apartment
08. Rose Gets It
09. Elisa’s Story
10. A Cat Attic Attack

Side C
11. Kazanian’s Tarantella
12. Mark’s Discovery
13. Mater Tenebrarum
14. Inferno Finale
15. Cigarettes, Ices, Etc.

Side D
16. Inferno Outakes Suite

Phenomena tracklisting:

Side A
01. Phenomena
02. Jennifer
03. The Wind
04. Sleepwalking

Side B
05. Jennifer’s Friends
06. Phenomena (Film version 1)
07. Phenomena (Film version 2)
08. Phenomena (Piano Solo - Film version 3)
09. Sleepwalking (Alternate Version)

Side C
10. The Wind (Film Version Suite 1)
11. The Wind (“Insects” Film Version Suite 2)
12. Jennifer’s Friends (Alternate Version)

Side D
13. Jennifer (End Titles)
14. The Monster Child (SPFX Bonus Track 1)
15. Phenomena (Video Clip Version Bonus Track 2)
16. Phenomena (Alternate Version Bonus Track 3)

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