Goblin Rebirth announce new album on Relapse Records

Goblin Rebirth announce new album on Relapse Records

Just when you thought Goblin was dead, Goblin Rebirth comes to life!! Wait, did anyone really think they were dead? I mean, since they started up in 2010, they’ve played, like, a bunch of shows. But whatever, this band name practically DEMANDS horror-movie sequel jokes. Anyway, Goblin Rebirth consists — none too shockingly — of members from the original Italian giallo film score masters, including original drummer Agostino Marangolo and bassist Fabio Pignatelli (whose work you may know from classics like Zombi/Dawn of the Dead, Suspiria, Profondo Rosso/Deep Red, and so forth), plus Aidan Zammit, a member of Goblin since 2009. The Rebirth part includes Danilo Cherni (keyboards) and Giacomo Anselmi (guitar). Sorry. That sounds kinda gross.

Goblin Rebirth’s brand new self-titled CD/LP/digital album will come to us courtesy of Relapse Records, who are releasing the beast on June 30. The album was mixed and produced by Pignatelli, and all the tracks were recorded at members’ various personal studios. Italian fans can expect a few festival dates, and the rest of us can just wait breathlessly for future tour announcements.


01. Requiem For X
02. Back in 74
03. Book of Skulls
04. Mysterium
05. Evil In The Machine
06. Forest
07. Bolero
08. Rebirth

• Goblin Rebirth: https://www.facebook.com/Goblin.Rebirth
• Relapse: http://www.relapse.com

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