Dario Argento’s Tenebrae OST by Goblin out now on Waxwork

Dario Argento’s Tenebrae OST by Goblin out now on Waxwork

Italian horror mastermind Dario Argento is best known for Suspiria, a visual feast that helped cement the aesthetics of the giallo genre. A little-known fact is that the director decided to shoot this film only after hearing the soundtrack, fostering his working relationship with the prog rock band Goblin. Suspiria (and the Argento collaboration Profondo Rosso before that) would prove formative for Goblin, as the band would proceed to score over a dozen more films, including George Romero’s iconic Dawn of the Dead.

Goblin experienced various personnel changes over the years, but three of its members managed to work with Argento five years after Suspiria for his 1982 film Tenebrae. The results have now been pressed to vinyl in a definitive deluxe edition from Waxwork Records, appropriately featuring blood red and “straight razor silver” vinyl discs, as well as art by Nikita Kaun. The music has a certain cheesy charm that complements Argento’s arresting cinematic vision. Highly recommended for horror freaks everywhere.

Head here to order your copy — and listen to the spooky, synthy soundtrack in its entirety — down below:

Tenebrae OST deluxe LP tracklisting:

01. Tenebre
02. Gemini
03. Slow Circus
04. Lesbo
05. Flashing
06. Tenebre” (Reprise)
07. Waiting Death
08. Jane Mirror Theme
09. Flashing [film version]
10. Gemini [film version suite]
11. Flashing [intro film version]
12. Gemini [alternate film version suite]
13. Jane Mirror Theme [film version]
14. Tenebre [alternate film version]
15. Slow Circus [film version suite]
16. Lesbo [film version]
17. Tenebre Maniac [special effects bonus track]
18. Tenebre [remix]
19. Flashing [remix]

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