David Vandervelde

Shadow Sides

David Vandervelde is back under the shade of your ears one more time with “One More Time.” The straightforward slow dance is one of ten off his third full length – and first since 2008 – Shadow Sides. A recording that finds Vandervelde using a Tascam 246 Portastudio four-track cassette recorder for Shadow Sides entirety.

As stated above, Shadow Sides caps a six year hiatus that found Vandervelde losing friend, mentor, and frequent collaborator Jay Bennett (of Wilco), troubled with addiction, and on the wrong end of a five year marriage (foreshadowing of the latter is a major theme throughout the album). Picking up where two well-received records laid, Vandervelde stands longing, selfish, stuck with his back to any darkness – a willfully bright ignorance complement to the bright reverb brought on by his use of analog edit-free mixes.

Simple vocal repetition is heavily used in some of Shadow Sides best moments. “More Than God” and “One More Time” find Vandervelde chanting “I love you more than God” and “let me make love to you one more time,” respectively, right out of the gate. But while “More Than God” seems to boast a smile, if not tongue-in-check, “One More Time” isn’t so much asking, but digging up one last plea. Putting it briefly, the dude knows how to make a stomach sink.

Shadow Sides is out September 9 via Park the Van (Vinyl), Secretly Canadian (Digital), and Burger Records (Cassette). Vandervelde doesn’t have any plans to take his house band on tour yet, but you can find him playing guitar, keys, and singing with Father John Misty in 2015.

• David Vandervelde: https://twitter.com/dvandervelde
• Park the Van: http://www.parkthevan.com
• Secretly Canadian: http://www.secretlycanadian.com
• Burger Records: http://www.burgerrecords.org

Dean Blunt

SKIN FADE [Deluxe Edition]

Way back in January, Dean Blunt dropped an all-originals mixtape called SKIN FADE, and though it came with no info or cover art (or artist name, come to think of it), the mix landed on our First Quarter Favorites list, largely because it was amazing and again unexpected from just about every angle. Unfortunately, the mix was removed almost immediately, where it’s stayed away, spoken of in hushed tones, for over six months.

But now it’s back. Blunt has just uploaded a [Deluxe Edition] of SKIN FADE for streaming/downloading via his new @jesuschrist3000ADHD SoundCloud feed. Interestingly, some portions are removed, some unheard, others renamed, and material previously labeled “Hype Williams” is now revealed to be an integral part of “the real SKIN FADE.” Go ahead and press play, sit on your hands, and listen to the whole thing:

Black Metal coming soon on Rough Trade Records.

• Dean Blunt: https://soundcloud.com/urbansocialmedialounge
• Rough Trade: http://www.roughtraderecords.com

Memory Leaks Onto The Rug


Apparent apparitions. Beguiling behavior. Captured climbs. Drunk drinks. Enticing experimentations. Filmed frames. Gilded glossia. Helpful highlights. Inclined inclinations. Jumbled jargon. Kind krust. Loitering limitations. Manic missions. Nonplus nouns. Organized organisms. Purposeful paragons. Quilted quality. Reserved recalls. Spent spectacles. Turned tourniquets. Unlimited universality. Varied variations. Waxed whispers. Xeroxed xenon. Yellow yelps. Zanny zigzags.

• Memory Leaks Onto The Rug: https://memoryleaksontotherug.bandcamp.com
• Adhesvie Sounds: https://soundcloud.com/adhesive-sounds


“bok choy”

I was getting hyped on Shisa’s next dip via Postlife Digital and stumbled into Hope Sick Cola, the relatively new (two digital months = ?) label that hosts a heavy crossover of artists with PLD. Sisha, along side co-Hope Sick Cola heads Catsperm and Nekophiliac, are a label literally creating labels (check the cover art), but while newly bonded QT tout a blind “100% supernatural” elixir, Hope Sick Cola avoid any future class action lawsuit. Peek their third release. yeongrak’s D’Chrone is direct on the forty-eight milligrams of sperm glowing inside (a mere one percent of our daily value) or how little fuckbomb there is (zero).

With the USDA cracking down on “green” or “organic” or “unsupernatural” products, we can safely thank the open source feel Hope Sick Cola provides (Quick shout out to the legal team who brought a nine million dollar suit against Naked Juice for false “all natural” claims and sent out checks for $8.47 to whoever asked). Yeungrak describes the main ingredient of D’Chrone as “most of it is just confusion” which is one hundred percent correct and the man will never own us money (sorry sue Naked again).

Check the ingredients; stream “bok choy” aperitif; ingest D’Chrone at a pay what you like rate.

• yeongrak: https://soundcloud.com/yeonglag
• yeongrak: https://onichomp.bandcamp.com
• Hope Sick Cola: https://hopesickcola.bandcamp.com


“Dilemma (REFIX)”

Yes! The world can breathe better now that “Dilemma (REFIX)” exists. Thank you, Drone, for reawakening the best parts of “Dilemma” without adding in any bullshit. It’s just what we need to revisit the highlight of Kelly Rowland’s career (sorry, it’s true). Not to discredit, but we all knew some grime version of this would eventually drop in the post-Aaliyah haze. I’m glad it’s finally here and I really appreciate that it’s delightfully minimal, and that it doesn’t use the all-too-imitatable Nelly “oh” as the main sound. Rather, it opts for a similar (and better?) stab made from Kelly’s vocal. Be right back, I’m going to watch the video twelve times.

• Drone: https://soundcloud.com/droneuk


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