Patrick Piper
Bye [CS; A Giant Fern]

The first I thought I had as Bye unfurled its colorful wings was, “I hope this isn’t goodbye.” In fact, this is a minor plea to Mr. Piper to stay. Much like the classic television episode “Farewell My Little Viking,” I can’t stand to see this minor but powerful character leave. It’s selfish and conceited but I’m not done with Piper or Bye just yet. There’s so much to learn, so much to hear. Unlike Little Pete, I have yet to sop up all the wisdom this cassette has to offer. Its tough exterior does show hints of a soft interior — a contemplative beast with the strength of a million Arties but it’ll take time and exposure to see all of its layers. At least a season and a half. So don’t say Bye. Hopefully this is a mellow, but confusing hello.

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