♫♪  Patrick Piper - In The Aureole Of Lowness

Across town, past the canal, just beyond the forest, perched atop a meager hill in an area that’s always just tinged with tan, is the newest purchase of Chicago noise outsider, Patrick Piper. There, in his recent real estate purchase, he oozes harmoniously cryptic tones in the echo of acoustic brevity and In The Aureole Of Lowness. While feeling the sockets of your skull cradle both your eyes, Patrick Piper takes timbre and natural elements of sensory deprivation to a head-phoned bent symmetry. Oh wait, did you just crick your head just a tilt to the left and gaze at your computer? Check it out, your work neighbor a desk away can hear you listening to In The Aureole Of Lowness. And they see the way you’re looking. They think you’re going to murder everyone with those eyes. Snap out of it, but continue listening. Maybe add a smile to this creep-glare you got glazing.

• Patrick Piper: http://patrickpiper12.bandcamp.com
• Lillerne Tapes: http://www.lillernetapes.com

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