♫♪  Patrick Piper - Headbang

If you just went IN right now, how far do you think you’d go? Linear concepts are blown pupils out of proportion, and next-level is merely as life changing as uncertainty. Neglectful art is subconscious, though. There’s a heavier emphasis on complete oblivion, obviously. Then all the other nonsense begins to seep in and back-flow, data error, inconsistency, and viral degrees spearhead a symphony of monkeys typing Shakespeare, only by-way of Brad Pitt in Seven, hearing white noise in conversation, or a conversation in white noise. Never the less, unpredictability practically infests Patrick Piper newest Lillerne Tapes release, Headbang summons the most neck-snapping, scalp shaking drone depths only a merging of multiple metals can quake. Devastating vision:

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