♫♪  Patrick Piper - Bye

Have you ever played hopscotch? You know, the game where you drink a bunch of scotch and watch that movie HOP on repeat? If you have, I’m proud of you. If you haven’t, grow the fuck up and be somebody.

Wait a minute. That’s horrible advice. Instead of that stupid idea, why not spend your free time listening to Patrick Piper’s latest cassette, Bye?

It all begins with his white-walled, clarity-massacred guitar loops, building and sponging up your happiness. Then, a tattoo needle and/or neon sign begins buzzing intermittently and constantly within the mix. Next, jolts of percussive chair tosses and scraps start riding shotgun. Finally, frail and sullen guitar drones drone out into infinity, as they are know to do, and wash away all of your “aboutness”, letting you breathe without thinking about breathing.

Listen to the whole thing below (WHY DO I EVEN NEED TO SAY THIS ANYMORE?!@), and grap a copy of the tape right here.

Pipes also has an upcoming release on Dept Tapes. Just so you know. ;)

• Patrick Piper: https://patrickpiper12.bandcamp.com
• A Giant Fern: http://agiantfern.tumblr.com

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