Samantha Glass
Rising Movements [CS; Constellation Tatsu]

I grow weary of the synthesized world. It is beginning to crumble as a two-bit (four-bit, 8-bit) fool clutters up the shelves with unrealized ideas. There is no buck to be made, but the idea that personality and reputation can be forged in a “scene” has led to the muddling. Yet a handful of vanguards have ignored the cattle call in favor of forging ahead rather than falling behind, back into the same traps that muted synth for the better part of two decades. Rising Movements, beyond its titular display, is the apropos shot of nature needed to move forward. Each movement is a re-imagination of “the” movement’s past successes, riffing on the originals with sentimentality and forward thought. These are songs! They progress beyond rudimentary loops and ideas. These are not the work of someone hearing music from a digital ear but of a person able to add human depth and asymmetry to the mechanical. As synth begins a new decay, its half-life coming to an end for many, there will be survivors such as Rising Movements that will forge the new.


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