♫♪  Ahnnu vs D/P/I - SHE WAS NO TAME THING

Not far from all this Drake’ry lies the truth: a contemplated, spastically mellow-centered versus match between 2013 sound legends Ahnnu and D/P/I. As few can only legally murder the character formally known as Jimmy Brooks, Ahnnu and D/P/I slay the Drake outta Aubrey Graham in a pile of sizzled samples and stretched slices. So much so, the release’s name SHE WAS NO TAME THING isn’t far from sonic truth. Shoot, if you don’t find serenity in this mammoth mother fucker of glitch swank, you might be incapable of all… nah, I got nothing. SHE WAS NO TAME THING is both beautiful and grimmed out. Smooth and crisped. Conversational and completely stuttered. Yet, one thing is for DAMN sure, if you don’t download SHE WAS NO TAME THING by AHNNU vs D/P/I right here, right now, I don’t know how to help you any further this year. GRIP THIS SHIT AND FRY YOUR TUESDAY!!!!

On the streaming angle, post-“Language” listeners are given “305.00” below:

AGAIN, download SHE WAS NO TAME THING by AHNNU vs D/P/I immediately!!

• D/P/I: http://chanceimag.es
• Ahnnu: http://www.dogtropic.net

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