♫♪  Bobby Conn - “More Than You Need”

Bobby Conn has a new album called Macaroni, a politically-charged, 10-track screed that continues one of his longstanding goals as a songwriter, performance artist, and general dude: to critique and subvert the Continuous Ca$h Flow System. Lyrically, single “More Than You Need” gently touches on this darker side, but musically it’s all happy flowers and bouncing rabbits over throwback rock progressions and cliché instrumentation, with the kind of tongue-wagging guitar solo that’s so anachronistically silly that it would seem near impossible to execute with a straight face. But that’s the thing with Mr. Conn: it’s always been hard to tell if this genius fabricator and hyperbolic prankster ever had a straight face to begin with.

Fire Records, home to Archers of Loaf, Jad Fair, Josephine Foster, Wooden Wand, and now Mission of Burma, will release Macaroni on May 1.

• Bobby Conn: http://www.myspace.com/bobbyconn
• Fire: http://www.firerecords.com

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