♫♪  Earthly - “Glaze”

Noumenal Loom been giving a new name to pop music in the past year or two now. From Foodman to Dark Web to my boii, Seth Graham. Now, the Birmingham-base label is shooting for the same skewed pop fare through Earthly, warped from a wrapping of sounds blended as your would two colors into anew in “Glaze.” Like swimming in a lake that had only been a painting, you’ll always emerge in a different shade than the naturally given. Desire is only followed in the footsteps of what came before, but Earthly has always been, no? “Glaze” sounds as if the group had created an entire song only to shove it through another gantlet of filters and effects, revealing an entirely different visage of beauty. Or that feel when you wake up and your sig-nif or best friend or pet or child or family member are looking at you smiling, and you react, “Bah!” and don’t remember it until the next afternoon and laugh to yourself. The jovial sounds and melodies in “Glaze” will get you smiling so big, you’ll have to head on over to Noumenal Loom for the entire Earthly album Days on LP out July 24. SCOPE:

• Earthly: https://soundcloud.com/bonglestargalactabong
• Noumenal Loom: http://noumenalloom.com

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