♫♪  /f - “~cicatrix [excerpts]”

Perry is supine on a car hood, rolling a quarter over and over atop his arm. Court house bells ring above him, but the symmetry of the spin and the cycle of the groove are the focal points. The background exists, but the foreground maps worlds. Placate death.

Respiratory tourniquet sludge burrowed in hummed veins toss around his head like sheets. Heightened frequencies cackling root recipes as short-order cooks move around soullessly. Timpani dogs bounce ridgely.

Inside his mental auger is a spittoon brimmed up with circuits, cables, clips, and wires. Their capabilities managed with chance and design. The quarter rubs smoothly against his skin and hair. The movement continues.

Then, a shadow turns to flesh. An emergence is birthed out of thought. Glory is gained. And the bells eventually stop, only to start later on, when needed.

~cicatrix is out on CACAO via cassette and download on 9/1/15.

• /f: http://pmct.co
• CACAO: http://cccaaacccaaaooo.com

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