♫♪  /f - pq​:​c

Much like his last release under the /f moniker, Perry Trollope’s newest brain-melter, pq​:​c, showers your ears with heavily affected and carefully arranged sounds that roam around the free-range audio cage you call your noggin’ and cake your skull with tonal snot. Containing flecks of pitch-shifted and ring modulated mutations, all of pq​:​c’s innards are aligned precisely and perfectly, just for your own deranged enjoyment. Oh, and there’s some of that good ol’ fashioned Psalmus Diuersae fucked-corporate hold music thrown in, too!

While pq​:​c is clearly a companion piece to it’s predecessor (fuck, look at that cover), it doesn’ t feel lazy or redundent or forced. Just the opposite, in fact. Trollope is obviously not a stagnant musician, and with each of his outputs, something new is expressed. So, go ahead and press that play button and listen up buttercup.

• /f: http://pmct.co

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