♫♪  /f - “little descriptions”

a year of firsts, 1:02, jade, citrus, mint, member, conf, t, td, F8, F9, F12, F4, my first paper cut, gearing up for holiday season, weird stain, waiting, signal, sticking out your neck, hit by a train in 2013, false facts, in a lofted bed, with honey, twenty seconds, delayed, a bright flash, two seconds, a weird smell, or is it just me? 6’6”, a good judge of character

something else, 6’6”, twenty blocks, too cold, what’s so funny, sad face, well, congratulations, 112, I’ll get it, to trust, mouth, small room, large bed, wires, carpet, rearrangement, draining, must-have, sore throat, 12 o’clock, it’s nothing, just kidding, a small white Christmas ornament, a large white block of tofu, peace signs, extra cheese, PNW, BDG, perfect fit, illness, eat, a synthetic blue goo, disturbance

What makes fantasy pleasurable
for most people is that, usually, one doesn’t want—really—for the fantasy to come true
- Susan Sontag

grey shirt, denim jacket, cropped pants, itch, in public, i go right, i usually go left, headphones in, neck tattoo, later, faced, close, brushing off, hey, going to, walk, skate, yes, closing, no time, where did you go, Z somewhere, what are you doing, tension, pulling faces, watching each other, on display, sound, tongue, gesture, confusion, smile, heavy air, do you notice, checking, following, freedom, posting, runner, meat, so bad, marathon, plastic cup of water, 19, I don’t, wide eyes, 555, 6’6”, alphabetization, out of town, Madonna, a slow dance, touching, legs, knees, ankles, back alley, straight forward, a bigger net, not reciprocated, it’s okay, hand, fingers, would be enough, small room, cluttered, raw hands, dry hands, uncomfortable, avoidance, eye contact, overblown, forget that, remember, following unfollow, follow, N.2, email, jack hammer, my number, loud street, so few details, no memory, checking on my sales

Réal ö imaginaire?
Reel aw imagenary?

regretfully, brains, full of air, thoughtless, for a moment, shoe sound, thing that should have been said, too fast, good enough, in circles, have been in a similar situation before, no reason, don’t be sorry, just, headphones, really, kind of, if you didn’t know already, can’t do anything, don’t know what to do, hurt or helps, time, really good, not right away, that’s good, that’s the best thing, bittersweet, hoodie, distraction, mulling, over and over, haven’t been in the same place, how are you, lame, impossible, talking, telling, stomach, 6’6”, nothing to be done, in flux, distraction, to not think, distractions, no real distractions

81, 52, 152, why won’t, no way, I thought, on Nov 28 I will write with an invite, 18 days, I know, wait, patience, don’t jump, wait, be patient

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