♫♪  Guys Next Door (Oneohtrix Point Never + A. G. Cook?) - “Behind The Wall”

As we reported   4   day(s) ago, PC Music will be releasing something new every day for the month of May. Today, for “Month of Mayhem” release #  6  , we get a new [song/video/album/EP/mix/other] from   Guys Next Door   titled   “Behind The Wall”  . It’s a really   prickly   and   claustrophobic   [song/video/album/EP/mix/other]. A person on social media said   “getting some Kaoss Edge vibes”… hmm…  !

  “Behind The Wall”   follows   Guys Next Door  ’s last release, which was   actually this very same song, which suspiciously first appeared at #336 on OPN & A. G.’s goofy THE 500 BEST TRACKS OF 2016 list  . That one was very   prickly   too, but also   makes me wonder if Guys Next Door is actually Oneohtrix Point Never and A. G. Cook?? According to the internet, I’m not the only one who thinks so  .

Experience   “Behind The Wall”   by   Guys Next Door   [above/below], check out the previous Month of Mayhem release right here, and don’t forget to   pay extra attention around 1:58-2:30 before dismissing the collaboration rumor  .

See you tomorrow!

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