PC Music release Month of Mayhem comp, A. G. Cook covers Aphex Twin

PC Music release Month of Mayhem comp, A. G. Cook covers Aphex Twin
Consider your Friday night SOUNDTRACKED.

Hey, do you guys remember PC Music’s Month of Mayhem?

Well, I hope so, cuz…uh,

(Frankly, Mr. P is still too burnt-out from keeping up with A. G. Cook’s May-length onslaught of relentless MIDI mayhem to even RETURN MY CALLS from his timeshare in the Bahamas, and I’m still blowdrying the sweat and tears out of all of the state-of-the-art 1998 iMacs here at TMT HQ.)


I’m here 2 tell you that the entire Month of Mayhem has officially been condensed, converted to analog, xeroxed, collated, re-xeroxed, laminated, re-digitized, and compiled onto one handy-dandy compilation, and that compilation (entitled, ya know, Month of Mayhem?) is (drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrum-roll)



And, in addition to the jams rolled-out during that insanely hectic month of May, the comp also features a pretty heavy duty Aphex Twin cover (peep the accompanying video below, which also features “visuals by Timothy Luke and SCOTTY2HOTTY69”) created by Cook, who explains: “My set at Field Day directly clashed with Aphex Twin’s headline show, so I thought it would be nice to do a full-length, note-for-note cover of ‘Windowlicker.’ Spent a very intense 48 hours inside a windowless room - somewhere between a Braindance rehearsal and a labour of love.”

But wait! Before you check it out for yourself, here’s an artist’s conception of Richard D. James looking-on approvingly during his lunch break in the Warp Records mailroom:

Okayyyyyyyy……………………..NOW watch it.

Month of Mayhem tracklisting:

01. Me4U - A. G. Cook Remix
02. Never Thought
03. Lightning Lipgloss Life
04. Month of Mayhem
05. Distant Promise
06. Blink
07. Money on a Gold Plate
08. Cos I Love U
09. Dance Floor
10. 1Ul
11. Casey Asked Me Am I Angry
13. Droom
14. Behind the Wall
15. Real Love - et aliae Remix
16. Only You - Clark Remix
17. Windowlicker
18. Temple - TidalCycles Edit
19. hi.tech

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