♫♪  Lipgloss Twins - “Wannabe”

A. G. Cook has typically favored ambiguity and nuance over irony and pastiche with his incredible pop productions for his London-based PC Music imprint. But the latest project coming from the label, Lipgloss Twins, takes things to an incredibly surreal level, and it’s not hiding any of it. The PC Music trademarks are here — bubblegum hooks, playful sound effects, intricate production, chipmunk vocals, etc. — but everything is amplified x10, even flirting with zones of distortion, noise, and dissonance. It’s jarring yet sweet, violent yet humorous, complex yet loose — a sort of sensory overload that whips you into pop submission, the epitome of synthetic music but with a schizophrenic, Tim and Eric twist. If you’ve only heard a couple PC Music productions, “Wannabe” will serve as quite the eye-opener: everything about them aspires to pop-stardom standards — from the music to the glossy, colorful hi-res imagery — yet everything about them also reveals the puerile aspirations of an incredibly intelligent, highly intriguing producer who has just offered his most compelling statement.

Commercial music meets commercial reactions: This is the best song I’ve heard all year.

• Lipgloss Twins: http://wannabe.pcmusic.info
• PC Music: http://pcmusic.info

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