♫♪  Nathaniel Young - Stringed Exploits

Phinery continues to fire off them weirdo slugs in twitchy, mellow, cavernous realms with Stringed Exploits, by the honorable Nathaniel Young. The sound appears super mundane, but all at once MAX’d with layers just snap-crackle-popping brain-bleeds of feels down listeners’ spines. Stringed Exploits is the memory Nathaniel Young helps you recall. Whether it’s influence, familiar sound, distinct nostalgia, flared pants, treachery of candy, etc. Locating the perfect signal with a night of Stringed Exploits, and you might just gain communication to a higher power. Like, maybe someone online starts speaking French, but you totally get it, and respond. Feel the pain of pure audible facilitation. Get firmer on Phinery in Nathaniel Young’s Stringed Exploits below, because, “Do you remember an acoustic guitar?”

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