♫♪  Warren Mattox/Nathaniel Young - “January 2015”

Nothing like the cold, seemingly endless gray winter days to get you in the mood for some new drone tapes, am I right? Every morning I look out the window and hope I can see even a glimmer of the sun rising, and not just the same bleak clouds I’ve seen the past four months. And if you live in SoCal or Arizona or someplace with constant sunshine, then fuck off.

I’m only kidding, of course! Please don’t leave me….

^^^That’s about the mindset you should be in to gear up for January 2015, a split tape between Warren Mattox and Nathaniel Young, now out on the duo’s Blankstairs imprint. Mattox’s contribution is a lumbering beast, with twenty two minutes of pulsing, hypnotic drones; Young’s side, on the other hand, comes up to the surface for a slightly more rhythmic, glistening IDM workout (“01_19_2015 (Version 1)”), while “Version 2” goes back down into the dark, cavernous terrain of Mattox’s half.

January 2015 is streaming below, and if you’re so inclined you can grip a cassette when it drops February 10.

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