♫♪  Nathaniel Young & Alex Geerken - “Growing Old (A/VMIX2)”

A few months ago, we posted the first audio/video mix from Portland’s Blankstairs label: a collaboration between Astro Nautico’s Michael Jukeson and the Blankstairs visual crew. This time, it’s Blankstairs’s own Nathaniel Young touching base with the Pacific Northwest’s video artist, Alex Geerken. The whole thing is like sitting on your porch, smoking and waiting for the thunderstorm to roll in. The video cracks like lightning as the song begins to drip all around you. A kind of empty tension starts rising and it never stops crawling through you. Another sign of good things to come from the Blankstairs collective, I think.

• Blankstairs: http://blnkstrs.com
• Nathaniel Young: https://soundcloud.com/nathanielyoung
• Alex Geerken: http://lxgrkn.com

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