♫♪  Opaline - Spatial Awareness

In the last two plus years, Opaline has released burner after burner on the likes of Twin Springs Tapes, Constellation Tatsu, Phinery, Habitat Tapes, Rainbow Pyramid, Big Ear Tapes, as well as a few self-released cassettes, all without a hitch in his step. Gait aside, the guy peacefully kills it. It’s as if he can’t avoid making great meditation pieces. Maybe it’s like his water. Sure, he can go a few days without it, but I bet Opaline gets dehydrated as fuck when he can’t craft celestial sonic cities. He’s truly an ever-reaching architect, espacialy (lol) with his new tape, Spacial Awareness.

• Opaline: https://opaline.bandcamp.com
• Psychic Troubles Tapes: https://psychictroublestapes.bandcamp.com

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