♫♪  Ventla - the most brilliant period of

Has it really been over two years since we last heard Ventla’s lovely motifs? I was following since the beginning of the ambitious quest to produce 100 albums all the way back in 2011. Ventla hasn’t quite gotten there yet but to what is it people say? It’s all about the journey? It goes without saying that I’m all in on this little journey. Out of the batch of bridges and pathways, the most brilliant period of is the one of which I’ve gotten quite fond: a landscape of abbreviated, whimsical urban pop. There’s some awkward, dizzying touch to Ventla’s work that I’m enamored with. Threading itself with the cheer and happy-go-lucky attitude of Ventla’s sound, it creates a borderline manic delight. For those who’s attention is ephemeral, fleeting, but never lacking in vividness.

Ventla doesn’t lack in volume or simplicity but often simplicity speaks best. A little tender, dizzy pop doesn’t hurt that either.

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