♫♪  Ventla - For Human Consumption

Astro Nautico is exactly the type of label that pops a tape on occasion, I dreadfully desire it’s consumption on a realistic level, and only find out it’s sold-out. Now, I DO got me that Daddy AOL Swim Team Kush, but this Ventla is just about eating my heart out right now. Oh, and the title: For Human Consumption, like <_<

So, I got the Orange Milk Ventla tape, which is fleek as fuck (duh, I wrote the blurb right there). But tryna find For Human Consumption will be just as difficult as getting human meat for the BBQ I’m having with Grams tonight. And you know what’d make that dinner only MORE special? Reeling Ventla’s newest tape on Astro Nautico. Yet, it gives that much more appreciation for obtaining it, or when I do, a sort of lore. Like finally playing that videogame physically on NES, after having not for more than two decades.

Feel Ventla’s For Human Consumption on Astro Nautico, and grip it on the digital because you want this forever:

• Ventla: http://ventla.tumblr.com
• Astro Nautico: http://astronauti.co

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