♫♪  Panabrite - “Disintegrating Landscapes”

Yeah, buddy, Seattle synth maestro Panabrite is back at it! Immune Records, who also put out his recent full length (Pavillion), have just released a new tape, Disintegrating Landscapes, from the man himself. An edited version of a 45-minute track put out in 2k14, Landscapes finds Norm Chambers bringing on the chill vibes with this concise yet spacey 38 minute cassette. In all honesty, the dude could drop an album of one sustained note filtered through various effects for two hours and I’d still be drooling over it, wanting more, more, MORE!!! But anyways, Disintegrating Landscapes is the real deal chill out, ambient tape for summer 2k15. You think Jimmy Buffet is the ideal beach vibe? You would be wrong, my friends! Head outside, throw on the headphones, and let this mellow gold sooth your ears as you bake in the sun :)

Disintegrating Landscapes is available in a limited 150 batch of tapes from Immune, so…..get on it!

• Panabrite: https://panabrite.bandcamp.com
• Immune Recordings: http://immunerecordings.net

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