♫♪  Panabrite - “Regent”

There’s no need to get into how much digital ink I’ve shed in praise of Panabrite, Norm Chambers’ Seattle based ambient synth project, and yes, I’m going to spill some more! After a couple of cassette releases in the first half of the year, Panabrite dropped his latest full-length, Pavillion, back in October via Immune. “I started working on Pavilion about two years ago,” Chambers told me this week, “with the idea that it would be a bit different than my other material, in terms of the overall process, and sound in general. I was looking to inhabit a denser headspace, and conceptually wanted to explore some darker areas, though I’ve heard feedback that it doesn’t come across as dark, necessarily.”

Submitted for your approval is “Regent,” the longest track off Pavillion, as well as Norm’s favorite of the new batch. Close to the midway point you get a sense of the “darker areas” alluded to, with indecipherable vocals being chopped and processed into the mix before they drift away into the ether, leaving nothing but the keys and rain patter (so Seattle, right!) to soothe your soul.

In addition to this mind-melting tune I’m really excite to share some information regarding Panabrite’s record release show on Nov. 6 here in Seattle. Click here for all the details, but it’s taking place at Kremwerk and features Chicago’s COIN and Olympia’s LA Lungs. Regarding his live setup, Norm writes, “I have recently introduced a sampler to my live set-up, which is a huge help for a solo artist. It really frees up space and gives me a chance to concentrate on the overall picture more. I used to have four synths and a drum machine all going live, which was a real pain to control, and it always felt too dry.” He also wrote, “For this release show people shouldn’t expect to hear anything from the albums, but instead some recent ideas I have been working on loosely translated to a live setting that at least may sound similar to the overall vibe from Pavilion.”

I know, I know, there’s a lot of info to digest here. But while you’re streaming “Regent,” get your affairs in order so you can head to Seattle for this show (if you’re in the PacNW or visiting, or whatever). It should be a choice event for a chilly, drizzly Thursday night, if I’m going to believe the weather forecast.

• Panabrite: http://panabrite.bandcamp.com
• Immune Recordings: http://immunerecordings.net

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