♫♪  Panabrite - “Frequency Bath 5 ”

A new set of tracks from Panabrite (aka Seattle’s Norm Chambers) is always a cause for celebration. On display below is a new digital collection, Frequency Bath 5, which the composer describes as “album outtakes or more recent material that did not fit within the concept of an intended project.” If you’re reading and thinking we’re dealing with a set of throwaway tracks, think again, my friend. Think again…

Eight deep, groove-laden journeys of sound that fit in with Chambers’ best future space relaxation works as Panabrite, or the faux retro, Cousteau-esque maritime-core albums as Jürgen Müller. Like the rest of his work, whatever the moniker, you know you’re hearing some top notch synth deep dives when you tune into new work from Norm Chambers. As I write this, Seattle is coming out a week-long heat wave, and hearing the new tunes I’m looking forward, more so than usual, to the arrival of precipitation and cooler temps out in the PacNW. So settle in, brew up a cup of fine coffee, and zone out to the subtle synth slayers contained within Frequency Bath 5.

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