♫♪  Patrick Higgins - “Prelude - Violin Partita No. 3 BMV 1006” [Bachanalia]

Continuing his Bachanalia exploration, Patrick Higgins has found a home for his reevaluation of Bach’s work on the slowly-budding-but-forever-pleasing label, Telegraph Harp. By drawing upon his masterful classic-guitar playing abilities, stereo electronic processing, and marksman recording acumen, Higgins slayed the recording of “Prelude - Violin Partita No. 3 BMV 1006” in two takes at his NY-upstate, historic and hollowed Lutheran church chamber, Future-Past Studios and St. Cecilia’s Church in Brooklyn. With help from his good pal (and co-engineer) Ben Greenberg (a.k.a. Hubble), the two “worked with a collection of rare vintage Neumann, RCA, and Sennheiser microphones to carefully capture a spatialized natural room reverb.” Though, when it comes down to it, Bachanalia is merely proof that people still develop expert-level, hollow-bodied, string vibrated sound instrumental skill (such as Bach), while keeping to a modern modality of sound calibration, restoring older equipment to maintain an fuller-bodied and aged resonance that haunts listeners as much as it pleases. Patrick Higgins has built up an empire within Bachanalia and you can pre-order this dynasty on vinyl and CD NOW via Telegraph Harp. Below is “Prelude - Violin Partita No. 3 BMV 1006” for proof of greatness:

• Patrick Higgins: http://www.patrickhigginsmusic.com
• Telegraph Harp: http://telegraphharp.com

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