Patrick Higgins (ZS) & Josh Modney (ex-Mivos Quartet) to release EVRLY MVSIC on NNA Tapes, premiere first single

Patrick Higgins (ZS) & Josh Modney (ex-Mivos Quartet) to release EVRLY MVSIC on NNA Tapes, premiere first single

“…in a more traditional news voice at first…”

“Hark! Who goes there?”

“It is I sire, your loyal crier, bringing tidings from the Duke of New York.”

“Ah-ha, what sayeth he?”

“He speaketh of thee castle NNA Tapes and its bards Patrick of house Higgins and Josh of house Modney.”

“Them of mine minstrels ZS and International Contemporary Ensemble (ex-Mivos Quartet)?”

“The same, sire!”

“Hark! Of what tidings doth he bare witness then?”

Due out September 22, A.D 2017, the duo’s album EVRLY MVSIC presents an incredibly original fusion between ancient European musical history and distinctly American experimentalism, hinged on the nexus between improvisation and chamber music, and fueled by a deeply personal musical alliance.”

“Curses! It doth seem some black magic is again afoot in the city of New York.”

Indeed it doth! Premiering below, EVRLY MVSIC’s first single “Renaissance Recap” is the kind of music that would’ve earned medieval minstrel players a post on a pyre (which, though bearing some similarity to the Tiny Mix Tapes News section, was in point of fact something altogether different). It’s also the kind of music the people of the Seven Kingdoms may end up hearing if the Night King takes the Iron Throne but keeps on the existing lutists. There is no lute — just guitar and violin — but the analogy plays, and below the song, you can play a video preview of Higgins’ and Modney’s upcoming album. You can also pre-orderith the whole album here or here! at your 21st century leisure. What sorcery!

EVRLY MVSIC tracklisting:

01. Funeral
02. Renaissance Recap
03. A New Austerity
04. Courtesan
05. Beating No.2
06. Concertina
07. Prime
08. Lament

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