♫♪  Patrick Higgins - “Bouree” [from Lute Suite No.1, J.S. Bach]

Listen to this fellah rattling off knowledge via nylon. Err, yeah, them nylon strings, ain’t they? Well, pretty is how he plays ‘em, and it’s almost unstoppable. Relentlessly pretty. And sounding as though it’s been Patrick Higgins’ lifetime-achievement goal to sound flawless on guitar. Oooh, he also has an interest in modern electronics. Yo, and he was in Animal, yo. Just, the most important part is performance. Watching the flow of someone’s music through their entire body floods your senses.

Along with fire fingers, you get the bottled breath of Diamond Terrifier. What? Yes! They touring together right now. Scope their tourdates here. Touring and collaborating on a whole other level. “It’s like putting Saxony and Himalaya together,” says Higgins. Scope out their tour Twitter, too! They taking your request, scavenger style. But. Performance. Performance. The music is completely a performance art. Almost inseparable from fusing body to sound, as an actor to silent movies or a sculptor spraying paint on clay and leather. And keep on the lookout for Higgins’ Bachanalia release, which is where you can find him playing “Bouree” from Lute Suite No.1, J.S. Bach.

• Patrick Higgins: http://patrickhigginsmusic.com

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